Reddie Portal

Our Awesome Features

Publish Your Content in Seconds

We have developed an easy "Rapid Publishing" tool that allows you to upload and send your content to your displays in a matter of seconds from anywhere once there is internet connection. Update your content and displays instantly and ensure that you're always displaying the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Simple Setup
All it takes are three easy steps and your content is published in no time. Choose the orientation of your screen, upload your media and select your screens. it really is that easy!
Free Digital Signage Templates
Access a wide range of free templates with eye-catching designs and layouts that you can easily edit and make your own and fully customize.

Content Manager

Create, edit, manage and deploy content from one place in real time using our Content Management System (CMS)

With personalized login credentials, gain access to portrait and landscape templates that allow you to add backgrounds, upload images, add scrolling text zones, video or use static text to create content, announce sales or seasonal specials plus so much more.

Multi Zone Layout

Design your own unique layouts, in either landscape or portrait orientation, with different zones and layers for your images, videos, text, live webpages and more. Let your creativity flow and create dynamic and show-stopping content for your audience.

Diverse Formats As well as supporting a wide range of images and videos formats and scrolling text with RSS feeds, you can also upload office documents, like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, websites, widgets, and so much more.

Integrate Your Own Fonts If your company has specific branding and you want to integrate your own fonts in the software for brand consistency contact us and our support team will have them integrated for use with static text.

Custom Background/Fonts

Diverse Formats
Experience the ease of customization! Keeping your brand’s pantone consistent has never been easier. Select colors from the palette or enter your very own HEX code to modify backgrounds, static and scrolling text as well as time and date.

Schedule Playlists

Once your playlist has been created, you can choose to either display your content immediately or schedule the times and dates for it to be displayed. This allows you to display what you want, when you want and have complete control of what your audience is experiencing.

Global Remote Commands

Not only can you update the content on your displays remotely from anywhere in the world, you can also send commands to reboot your screens, format the internal memory, stop and start content playback, rotate the orientation and so much more! You can retain full control of your screens no matter where you are.

Multi Screen Synchronisation

At Reddie, we manufacture our hardware solutions in conjunction with Reddie Portal so we are able to fully optimize our software and minimize the perceived lag time. This allows you to create content that flows beautifully between multiple screens creating the ultimate dynamic experience.

Scrolling Text Zones with RSS Feeds

Add Scrolling Text Zones or RSS feeds to communicate directly with your clientele by delivering customizable ticker messages. You can also deliver live RSS news feeds of the most current or happening events.

Display Live Web Pages

Allow viewers to interact with your content and access additional information on products and services with one simple touch. The interactivity functions are already included in the software, creating a simplified process where you can easily create your playlists with no coding or technical skills.


Our CMS allows for the creation of diverse interactive content that is perfect for touch screen displays.

Integrated Hardware Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial display hardware solutions which are designed to work seamlessly with Reddie Portal to ensure total control and reliability. Unlike other software platforms, we offer an all-in-one solution that not only is more cost effective by cutting down the need of an external media player, but is also easier to install, use and support.

Manage and Control your Organization

User Management
Create and manage an unlimited amount of user accounts and set privileges for each user or user group. Not only can you specify how much access your users have to each function of the CMS, but you can also limit the access to certain screens, giving you complete control of what different users can do.

Reports and Logs

Keep track of every action performed on the CMS from users, screens or players. From seeing the current status of a screen to checking who last updated a player; you can even access content playback reports that are accurate down to the second when proof of play is needed.