Reddie Portal

Our CMS is built on a dedicated on Kamatera platform which is run by globally distributed data centers incorporating the latest technologies, servers are kept stable and available at all times, under virtually any conditions.
Every component has at least N+1 redundancy resilience, which is a parallel backup device that will automatically be deployed in the event of a component failure. This means that any hardware failure in any power supply unit, hard disk drive, power phase, UPS, memory or CPU will automatically switch to an alternative device, without you having to worry about the configuration required to make it all work. Resiliency of the mains power supply is similarly maintained with backup generators..

By using a true virtual computing environment, we can offer enhanced cloud service functions, such as:

1. Scalable Server Computing Power: Allowing us to expand the server to suit our requirements.

2. Windows Server OS 2019: All our software is running on the most up-to-date enterprise level operating system.

3. Cloud Firewall: Protect your data from outside attacks and secure against malware with a high-availability, virtual appliance firewall.

4. Snapshot: A complete image of the whole system is generated on a daily basis. Our CMS server can be restored in just few minutes at any time.

Local Screens (Content Safety)

1. Our network screen will only respond to the encrypted commands generated by the CMS server, either via a direct internet connection or a download package. So there is no chance to update the contents without accessing to the web management console first.

2. The on board Android systems are all customized for using our digital signage software only. All the physical ports for external connection are all hidden in a special locker.

3. Kamatera’s network experts set up definitions, monitor activity and adjust settings as necessary to keep your defenses high at all times.

Media Management Console (User Operation)

1. The Web based content management console establishes a secure connection (HTTPS) between your device and cloud server. The data on both the in and out tunnels are encrypted based on a real time generated security key to prevent your login detail or media files to be intercepted by others.

2. Your default login details will be generated only at your purchase. Once you have chosen a preferred password, no one (even our administrators) can access this piece of information except yourself.