Reddie Portal

Some networks have special security settings that block the screen either from connecting locally or communicating correctly with the server. In these cases there will be a network administrator who has implemented these restrictions and should therefore know how to lift or modify them. The following information about how our hardware communicates with our server should help lift or modify the appropriate restrictions:


Domain and IP address of the CMS server:
• Domain –
• IP –

Ports and Protocols
The following ports are required to be open both ways for complete communication with the CMS server:

Port Protocol Function;
80 (8088 can be used if port 80 is blocked) HTTP Download media and configuration files
4701 TCP Log in to server and register heartbeat
4700 UDP Remote control commands (stop, play, screenshots etc.)
16732 UDP Local synchronization (multi-cast)
16733 UDP Local synchronization (multi-cast)
Proxy Server:
If the network has a proxy server in place then proxy server settings can be assigned to the screen.

Static IP:
If your device needs to be given a static IP it can be assigned to the screen.