Reddie Portal

First, start by checking the status of your screen.

1. To double check the status of your screen, login to with your login credentials and the on-screen verification code.
2. Hover over the “player” icon on the top menu.
3. Select “monitor” from the drop down.
4. FYI: “Connecting” or “Online” status means your screen is establishing connections with the server. Please note:
If a screen is “offline” it doesn’t mean it is not playing the scheduled content correctly.
It means its not communicating correctly with the server
If your screen or player is showing an offline status (such as “offline today” or “offline 48hrs+” or “Offline”) within the status section of the CMS, check the “last heartbeat” section.
If your screen or player was online in the last 24 hours and is connected via WIFI, it could have dropped off due to a weak WIFI signal. If that is the case, check with your network administrator.