Reddie Portal

1. To update your screen with high resolution jpeg images, start by connecting your device to your WIFI source.

2. Next, visit and enter the login credentials you were previously given. Also enter the onscreen verification code.

3. Once logged in, click “rapid” on the top menu then choose your template

4. Choose “horizontal” if your screen is in landscape and “vertical” if your screen is in portrait

5. Click “next” to the far right of the screen

6. Upload images by clicking the “upload” button or the up-arrow button

7. Now click ‘Add File.’ Browse through your files, select a jpeg image, and click “open”

8. Click upload

9. Drag and drop uploaded image to the section at the bottom

10. Click “save” followed by “next”

11. Click the check box beside the screen you want to publish to and then click “publish”


To follow these instructions in video format, you can watch Video  Click Here