Reddie Portal

If your screen is disconnected from the internet but you want to update it you may do so by the plug and play method.

1. Go to and enter the pre-assigned password and the on-screen verification code.


2. Upon sign in, create a playlist as you would normally.


3. Hover over the “player” icon on the top menu and click player. You should see a list of all your screens.


4. Right click on the screen you sent the playlist to and select “program package”


5. The Program Package window will then appear, click the “pack program” button


6. The “Program Package Type” window will then appear. Tick the “Select All” checkbox to send all timer, download, display and current data to the screen as well. Then click “OK”


7. After a few minutes an icon will appear in the “Download” column, when it appears, click it.


8. Once the download is complete your web browser will inform you and normally help direct you to your files. If you are using Google Chrome, select the option “Show in folder”


9. Your Inside the zipped folder that has been downloaded should be two folders; “MEDIA” and “SYSTEM”. Copy these two folders onto a blank USB stick, and then plug it into the USB port of your screen. Allow the data to transfer to your screen and follow the on-screen prompts before removing the USB stick.
NB. If you are ever asked for a password it is 123456