Reddie Portal

Begin by logging in with your user credentials at and entering the verification code on screen

1. Hover over the “program” icon on the top menu, then click “template”

2. You will now see a set of pre-designed templates

3. You may choose from either a horizontal or vertical template. Select either one if you wish to have ONLY one image or video displayed at a time.

4. Click “user template” in the far-left column if you want to create your own template complete with zones for images, videos and scrolling text or RSS feeds.

5. Upon selecting “user template,” click the “new” button to the far left

6. Give your template a name in the “new template box” that appears on screen and choose a resolution – Portrait sizes: 1080X1920; Landscape: 1920 X1080.

7. Once done, click “ok”

8. You will now see a template design interface. You can begin laying out the different zones for your media.

To add video zones, date and time fields and images as background, you may click the zones on the left of the screen. When the zones appear, you can reposition them wherever you like onscreen.

To learn more about how to create customizable user templates you may watch Creating Templates.